Ever since my Grandma told me "Hey magic boy -- give up that law school thing and keep studying that magic", I've been entertaining folks with feats of prestidigitation and ledgerdemain! In other words, doing CRAZY mind-blowing stuff with ordinary objects to the sheer delight and amazement of my clients and their guests.

​Born a ham, I needed an outlet outside of court to entertain people. I got started in magic with my 2 children. Thankfully, they moved on to normal pursuits.

Who'd have thought a few coins, a rope and a deck of cards could become so magical? Seriously, whether it's putting a smile on a child or causing a party guest to wonder for days how their selected card got into a sealed twinkie cake, it's one of my missions in life to return everyone to that first time they truly experienced the joy of something that just could not be explained!

And, I'm an active member of the Society of American Magicians and  International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Whether it's a children's party or strolling close-up magic, I'd like to conjure up memorable entertainment for you at your next event! Serving PA, MD, DE and NJ.

Meet Vann the Magic Man